September 8, 2009

Les Arts Décoratifs

My favorite museum in Paris is by far Les Arts Décoratifs. Next to the Louvre, this museum is dedicated to art in design. From graphics, to apparel, to toys; this museum has it all.

This exhibit was actually a 'red' exhibit. I am so used to seeing exhibits group everything in the same category, whether it be product design or furniture design but the red exhibit did exactly the opposite. The only guidline for this show was that it had to be red. This struck me as such a genius yet simple idea.

The exhibit was much more interesting to walk through than an average museum show because everything was so different but after a while I found myself making these random connections between the pieces that I never would have seen if they were shown separately.

Moving on to the next exhibit, I was immidiatley struck by the beautiful type of the sign. It is playful and functional and best of all, it is really informational. I clearly understand the name of the exhibit, what it is about, and names of the featured artists. Great work!

As strange as this piece was, I think it is the most memorable of all for me. Basically, this is a choir of plastic bunnies with rotating ears and strange colored lights inside of them, and yes, it was just as bazaar as it sounds. Low, eerie music played in the background as the lights slowly faded and brightened and the ears moved about aimlessly. I must have sat watching these weird bunnies for over 15 minutes, trying to find some pattern or consistency..but nothing! Maybe this is what makes it so engaging? The lack of consistency and conformity? Whatever it was, it stuck with me and definitely made an impression.



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