September 3, 2009

Un Café, S'il Vous Plaît

After giving up coffee over a year ago, I had been doing so well, that is until I went to Paris! I didn't last 3 days there before I broke down and indulged in a true french café. It was definitely worth the instant addiction but when I returned back to the states it was a bit of a struggle giving it up again. Because the café in French is almost like their special tradition, I decided to bring back some memoirs in order to enjoy the experience at home.

After spending about an hour in Café Richard, I walked out with 5 full bags of goodies. One of my favorite finds was this chalkboard coffee mug with stir spoon. I love that you can personalize your cup each morning to suit your mood du jour. And the spoon that fits in the handle, what a great idea!

This tea mug was a must buy. Knowing that I was going to switch back to my daily morning tea when I returned home, I couldn't pass this beautiful mug up. Because I've become somewhat of a tea snob, I almost refuse to drink tea from tea bags (yes, I'm one of those people). There's just something authentic about drinking tea made from real tea leafs, that's why I love this mug so much.. no more tea pot, this one does it all in one! Just boil the water and pour it in the mug with the tea. This one will be getting lots of use!

Although this mug isn't from France, it's close enough with it's cute over-sized Frenchie hand painted on the front. It's bigger than any other mug Ive seen so it's great for those 'can't get out of bed' mornings and the little Frenchie always makes me smile! This one definitely takes 1st place for me.

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Blogger Shana said...

Hi, I discovered your blog via your website via Design Sponge..
Really like the first chalkboard mug idea,I wonder if it could be a DIY project.

Have fun with your business,I find new creative business stories inspirational!

September 3, 2009 at 11:47 PM  

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