September 2, 2009

Packaging: Sundari

This is one of my favorite examples of packaging that I have personally come across. Not that it's particularly more effective or functional than any other packaging but something about this line of Sundari products really caught my eye. As you can see, this is not a recent purchase of mine; I have been saving this box in my desk drawer for about 2 years now. Although it's seen better days, to me it just adds more character.

I remember purchasing this item and being immediately drawn in by their logo, the small gold elephant and the nicely letter spaced 'Sundari' type. Nothing too special from the outside but still classy and simple.

My favorite part of the packaging is on the inside. The fact that the designer completely concealed this beautiful pattern from the consumer is a bold move but definitely a good choice in my opinion. Now when the buyer opens the package they are surprised and delighted by whats inside; the product all of a sudden becomes a bit more important and treasured. By not using the pattern as a selling point, it becomes almost like a secret. Only the people who have actually purchased the product can see this side of it. Just like that the buyer feels special, and guess what, now they want to buy more.. genius!

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