August 4, 2009

Website: The Balance Project

Following my previous post on silkscreening, I thought I would share the actual website that the Balance Project was designed around.
Basically when you go to the website you are presented with a completely balanced and symmetrical symbol. To the left are a series of questions about your life and depending on how you answer them, the symbol will change to correlate with your answers.

This is an example of my personal balance symbol.. maybe a bit unbalanced in a few areas but that's the point! The objective of the project is more to embrace your differences and your 'highs & lows' because that's what makes you who you are. When your finished finding your balance you can print it out and compare each section with its meaning.

The idea is then to be able to apply this unique symbol of balance to personal items, such as personalized paper or clothing. Its a way of bringing your symbol of balance to life. You can check out the whole project at: Enjoy!


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