July 27, 2009

Black and White film photography might be one of the most rewarding hobbies. The process of finding your shots, preparing your film and finally watching it come to life is truly an amazing experience all around. Film seems to capture something that digital cameras miss. The moment seems to become a still frame of an old Hitchcock movie, where every gesture has a symbolic meaning. While it is purely a side hobby of mine, I admire artists, like Cindy Sherman, who can create an entire story from a single image.
I like this shot because its revealing and concealing at the same time. Everything is bare and out in the open besides the face which is turned away and hidden behind sunglasses. It seems seductive but uninviting. The whole image becomes an oxymoron.

This shot is of my sister in a New York City apartment building. This is one of my favorites because it almost intrigues you to figure out where she's going. The florescent lighting and the dark exit way give the scene a sort of mystery which I enjoy.

This image was taken on the Florida beach across the street from my old house. To me, it symbolizes my life growing up in Florida. Simple, naive and almost unaware of the unorderly world surrounding it.


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