August 14, 2009

DIY: Floor Pillows

The last room in our house left to decorate was our living room. Because it was so oddly shaped we weren't sure what to do with the half not occupied with the couch and tv. We already had a dining room table near the kitchen and I wasn't really up for turning into a game room so we settled on the idea of a Japanese style hookah/sake room.We already had the nice big low table but we needed big floor cushions to go along with it. After shopping around a bit, we realized the cheapest floor pillows we could get were around $50 each! That was a little more than we were hoping to spend so I decided to take on the task of making them instead. I used the great silver canvas fabric I had purchased at the garage sale, some tan and gold buttons (35 cents each) and the cheapest big pillows we could find (Anna's Linens $9 each).
Collecting the materials was easy. The hard part was putting them all together. Since my sewing machine and I have not been agreeing with each other lately, I decided to sew them by hand.. probably not my best idea. After 2 hours I had about half a pillow sewn together, so I was 1/12 of the way finished. Frustrated and disappointed I almost gave up when I remembered my staple gun I purchased last year! Maybe not the most professional answer but it definitely solved my problems..quickly.

Stapling away, I was able to finish all the pillows in less than an hour, all that was left was sewing up the one remaining side and adding on the buttons and voila, a new set of modern Japanese style floor pillows!


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