August 5, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

Having just moved back to LA, I was a bit skeptical to move into my new place in Silverlake because I knew nothing about the town. Turns out I fell in love with it immediately; a great farmers market every Saturday, a weekly flea market, friendly people (very rare in LA!), and tons of garage sales. Moving into a bigger place, I realized how much space I needed to fill and what better way to fill it than to re-use someone elses unneeded stuff. I spent the weekend at various yard sales (another one of my favorite activities) and met some great people in the process. Here were some of my finds for the week.

This thick silver canvas fabric is great and so modern. I plan on using it to make floor pillows for my living room.

I couldn't resist this frame, not sure where I will put it yet but not a bad find for $3!

This is leftover wallpaper and the picture just doesn't do it justice. The gold leaf printed tree silhouettes might be perfect for my bedroom, maybe as art in my new frame.

I have been craving gorgeous vintage door knobs. I wish I could put them on every door in my house but I only found one pair so I will have to settle with just my office door for now. We definitely had a car full of great new finds by the time we were done but these were my favorites. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty successful week at the garage sales.


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