September 1, 2009

Trendy Tuesdays : Black & White

Lately I have realized an ongoing trend within my collection of home goods: things that are black & white. I have been subconsciously decorating my house with these things and didn't even notice the trend until recently. I love when this happens because it reminds me just how important design really is. As a graphic designer, I understand the importance and significance of branding and identity but sometimes I have to step back and realize this does not just apply to graphic design. Design is everywhere and we are drawn to it for different reasons, sometimes we may not even know why. It deserves to be given more credit because it really is a powerful system that is too often overlooked.

I purchased these great curtains and branch tie-back from Urban Outfitters online. They worked wonders livening up our bedroom.

This small wall container is perfect for the little nic-naks that are always lying around my house.. and of course, it's in french.

This drawing is part of a series of 4 that hang over my computer in my studio. It's the perfect burst of inspiration to start my day off.

I had been given this 'washbag' last christmas but just recently re-discovered it. Not knowing what a washbag exactly is, I was curious to open it but restrained myself because I did not want to ruin the beautiful packaging. I'm always amazed when such simple things, like pok-a-dot tissue paper, can be so beautiful.

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