August 23, 2009

More Logos & Store Signs

While most people journal their travels through beautiful landscapes and famous attractions, I prefer remembering the places I've been through their design, more specifically, their type design.Heschung is a gorgeous shoe store in Paris. I passed this particular store everyday dans le Marais on my way to work. This simple & classic design gave the place such a chic vibe. The great thing about this store sign is the attention payed to the details. On first glance the sign resembles any other but looking closer at the letter spacing, combination of all caps and lower case italics and the classic font (which reminds me of Garamond, but that could be wrong) are a perfect combination.

I love this sign because it is a great use of Small Caps. Small caps are so often misused so it was truly exciting to see something so simple designed by someone who obviously knew what they were doing. The logo, the type, and the bright color work in perfect combination whith each other, really giving a modern twist to this classic design.

This logo / sign is so pleasing because it remains simple but is very playful and intricate at the same time. Taken one step farther, this logo could have become too complex and confusing but with just the right amount of adjustments, the type flows beautifully together. By keeping the line weight and curved angles consistent the logo remains easy on the eyes but intrigues the viewer to keep looking.

This was an amusing sign I found in Prague. A great play on the converse logo, although I'm not sure what it's supposed to be advertising...

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