August 28, 2009


As much as I love simplicity, I am a sucker for beautiful & intricate patterns as well. There's nothing that livens up a room more than a small burst of color and pattern (if done correctly of course). This particular pattern is one of my own drawing, a bit more intricate than usual but my attempt at pushing myself to be a little more out there sometimes. I was happy with the results and while I wouldn't line my walls with it, I think it would do great as gift-wrap!

I found this patterned wall at the Musée des arts Décoratifs in Paris at the jewel exhibition. They had wallpapered this entire room in old technical drawings of jewels, creating this wonderful pattern of detailed drawings and information. I thought this was such a great new use of these old drawings that, because of technology, wouldn't have much of a function anymore.

Patterned accessories (throws, pillows, tapestries, etc.) can set the whole mood for a room. I found these great patterns at a boutique in Paris' Marais district. The combination of the fun shapes and bold colors really sets these patterns apart. Just imagine a whole store filled with this liveliness. Quite intriguing!

If you really love patterns, what's a better way to show it off than by tiling your floors with it! I wish I had the guts to do something beautiful like this in my home but being the simplifier that I am, I will stick to my dark hardwood floors for now.



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