September 4, 2009


To continue my previous post on coffee and tea, I thought I would share a new find of mine.. the trendy 'LaMill' coffee shop in Silverlake. While the prices are a bit steep, the atmosphere was eclectic, fun and classy. I love the combination of the modern simplicity with a funky twist.

The contrast between the bright and modern reds and the soft blues give the café a sophisticated yet comfortable feel. Definitely not your average neighborhood coffee shop!

The design was not the only great thing about LaMill. The coffee and tea were delicious as well! Both very strong and distinct and made from their own tea leafs and coffee beans. As a huge chai tea connoisseur, I am pretty picky about flavors. I'm used to getting chai teas made from powders and syrups but this was definitely an authentic chai. Probably as fresh as it comes, at least in the Los Angeles area.

Overall, I was very impressed with my experience. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and most importantly a great chai. Maybe a bit pricey for an everyday cup of tea ($6 for an iced chai) but a great place to walk once a week.


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