September 10, 2009

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

Over the summer I was thrilled to see an exhibit featuring my favorite artist in the entire world: Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. The show was a combination of his original works and posters created by some of the greatest designers of our time, celebrating Toulouse- Lautrec's work and life. Some of the designers included: Philippe Apeloig, Michael Bierut, Heinz Edelmann, Milton Glaser, J. Abbott Miller, and many many more.

Their modern renditions of Lautrec's work felt very contemporary but definitely stayed true to Henri's unique style.

To me, Lautrec is pretty much the first graphic designer, combining image and type into informative posters. He created a bridge between the distinctly different areas of advertising and fine arts. He is most known for his work commissioned by the Moulin Rouge in Paris but it was great to see his less known, personal paintings, as well.

I think every design lover would appreciate his work and being the pioneer of graphic design, his work is truly inspirational to me.



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