September 9, 2009

The Key

I noticed the key trend in the US starting a little while ago but never really had the urge to buy fake keys for decoration. Once again, Paris took over me and before I knew it, I was buying up keys left and right. These were not newly manufactured keys made to look old though, these were the real thing, complete with rust, dirt and paint chips.

I made a few journeys to the puce (or the flea market in Paris) where a nice old man had a wall set up with just old keys. They were beautiful to look at all together and I couldn't resist taking some home with me. This key was a bit pricier than the rest so I opted not to buy it but as I turned to walk away the nice old man handed me a bag with the key in it. He said he noticed me looking at it and wanted me to have it! Who says all the French hate Americans..

These two older keys have so much character and life to them. I wish I knew their entire history! I haven't figured out exactly what to do with them yet but I'm thinking of some fun projects I could turn them into.

My friend Chelsea had the great idea of turning her keys into a long necklace, mixing it up with an older key and a smaller more modern key. Since I don't wear big necklaces often, I'll keep searching for a key project that's right for me.



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