September 14, 2009

Antoine + Manuel

I discovered these great artists in Paris after spending hours roaming through Les Arts Decoratifs. I stopped in the museum store after and found these great printed postcards and was instantly enthralled.

Not knowing anything about these artists before hand, I checked out their work online and they have a very inspiring body of work. Mostly graphic design, they work in such an abstract form that it almost crosses the line into fine art.

This piece is my favorite because it is so ambiguous. It reminds me of the ink blot tests but has so much depth that it engages the viewer even further.

A lot of the time their work includes these bazaar characters, combining different body parts from different species or just coming up with their own characters like the rain drop man below.

Their experimentation with design is both beautiful and contemporary. The images are playful and fun but the overall level of their work is definitely very sophisticated.

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