September 22, 2009

Trendy Tuesdays : Tarnished SIlver

I have been noticing a trend within my decorative kitchen items lately; tarnished silver objects seem to have sprung up all around me. I didn't purchase any of these items but have unconsciously collected them all over the past few years.

I'm assuming these items were once nicely polished but I am much more mesmerized by their tarnished qualities. Most of these objects were passed down to me from my great grandma who I have always felt a very strong connection to.

I use this pitcher as a vase but it's almost unfair to the flowers! No matter how beautiful they are their vase is still more charming :)

Another gift passed down from my great gram, a beautifully engraved toothpick holder. I doubt you could find something like this made today because we just don't put as much effort and emphasis into the small things any more.

This great teapot was a gift from my mother after her travels to Morocco. The sides are hand etched and every section is welded together by hand. This teapot alone makes me want to visit Morocco myself!


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