October 22, 2009

Vintage Treasures : Prague

Over the summer, in between my internship in Paris, I journeyed to Prague for a few days to see a completely different side of Europe. I figured Czech culture was very different but I never imagined it to be that different! It was like nothing I had ever experienced but overall I brought back only great memories. I also brought back this amazing vintage Czech Fashion magazine dating back to 1967.

I don't know enough about fashion to comment on the clothing being displayed but what I found interesting, as a graphic designer, was the rigid and stiff poses of the models.

The fonts used are also angular, stiff and sharp, almost reminding me of the constructivism movement.
Instead of stashing this vintage treasure away in my bookcase, I decided to display a few of my favorite pages in frames so I can enjoy their greatness everyday and constantly remind myself of the extensive world out there that is sometimes so easy to forget about.


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