October 19, 2009

Finds of the Week: Vintage Clothes

Saturday has become my official garage sale day. Start the day off early, check online for the real good sales in the area and off we go! This weekend we found a few mediocre sales (pricing everything insanely high!) and one amazing one-of-a-kind sale.

The sale was hosted by a guy in his 30's and woman around the same age. The guy was filmmaker/artist and had boxes and boxes filled with old Print Magazines and great old collectible art books. I'm not sure what the girl did but she had piles and piles of amazing vintage clothing and shoes. The only downfall was that all of her clothes were about 8 sizes too big for me. Somehow I managed to find these great theory pants that only need some slight alterations and this amazing green silk 'skirt' which is now my lovely day dress. Along with a sweet black belt and a gold clutch purse, my total came out to a whopping $4. Now I really can't justify shopping at a normal store! Good find, Great week


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