October 5, 2009

All About the Buckle

A belt can make or break an outfit. They are great attention grabbers and a good way to spice up an ordinary outfit. Unfortunately they have become a part of the trend movement as well and one year your supposed to wear the biggest belt ever made and the next it's supposed to be as thin as a shoe string, it's just exhausting. Of course, I'm not a big fan of following these trends so instead, I like to choose my belts by their buckle.

This belt I found at a thrift store and I just love the combination of the cream leather and the tarnished metal clasp. It hooks together so delicately and adds a whimsical touch to any outfit.

This is one of my favorite garage sale finds. I snatched this bright orange belt for the bargain price of $2! It's Hermes orange (although definitely not an Hermes belt) works wonders with black and white. The strangely shaped gold clasp is so 80's, I wish I knew where it originally came from.

This little Prada belt was also a bargain find. Sadly its nearing the end of the road with me because I might finally be outgrowing it.. uh oh. But I love how the buckle just clicks right into place almost like a seat belt and you know once it clicks you're fastened in tightly for the rest of the day!


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