October 1, 2009

Masa : Tablecloths

I think I have found my favorite local lunch spot in town. Not only is the food delicious and beautiful, the decor is a refreshing modern french country and they absolutely love it when I bring my Frenchie, Frankie, along (and he gets home made doggie treats!) Almost too good to be true!

Instead of showcasing their whole cafe, I thought I would start small and show their wonderful tablecloths. With about 6 different variations, I love these colorful lace-like patterns, each so unique on their own but also work so well together.

A lot of restaurants and cafes have settled on the matching table theme where every table is exactly the same but there is something exciting about choosing your table when things are mixed up a bit. You find yourself drawn to a particular table without really knowing why (most likely the color)

Although such a simple gesture, I think it's a great way to bring a little eclecticism into the cafe and break the norm, even if the every day costumer would never think twice about it.


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