October 14, 2009

Judge a Product by it's Package

So I know we were all taught not to judge a book by it's cover (or judge a product by its package, in this case) but I believe exactly the opposite. When choosing my books and products I take into account every detail from what's on the inside to what's shown on the outside. If the packaging of a product seems to be thrown together without much thought or care, I really can't trust that the product itself was treated any better.

While scientists, authors and product engineers aren't necessarily trained in visual design, I would hope they would care enough about their product to invest wisely in it's aesthetics. This 'Befine' packaging design is yet another case of good packaging that drove me to a purchase. While searching for a good night time moisturizer, I was flooded with a see of overly corporate and cluttered products until my eye caught a glance of this product.

Simple, elegant, and gets to the point. It doesn't promise to make you look 30 years younger like the others but instead simply states the real life benefits of it's all natural ingredients. Sometimes people underestimate the power of telling the truth.


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