October 27, 2009

Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration, in my opinion is what makes a design successful. This fabric was just the inspirational touch that my mind needed to get me thinking and designing in a different direction. It is easy for designers to get into a comfortable routine, designing around things and images that they know very well but it is important that we break those patterns and allow creativity to wander and pick up on details and directions that you never would have thought of.

I found this gorgeous fabric at a yard sale and snatched it for a whopping $2 (even though the old rusting price tag was still stapled on which read 2 yards for $127!) I knew I had found a great steal and not only will I make something beautiful out of it (still undecided as of what) but it has also allowed my mind to wander in new directions, picking up on its subtle hints and throwing me a little bit out of my comfort zone. I will share the results soon...


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