November 6, 2009

Visual Journals

For me, keeping a written journal seems so tedious and agonizing. How can words really describe those things that you are thinking, feeling, wanting to express? This summer in Paris I couldn't find the words to describe my new experiences so I decided to create a visual journal of my travels instead.

Every time I open this bright orange, over-stuffed notebook all the memories of my summer come rushing back. Not only am I visually reminded through the scraps of paper I collected here and there, but everything has a Parisian scent associated with it which jumps off the page immediately.

I can just imagine people coming back from their travels with a camera full of pictures and a journal full of words but those little moments, the way things feel and the subtle scents disappear through the cracks. They can really only live on through your memory of them, which eventually fades as well.

The power of such simple and subtle things is overwhelming!


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