November 5, 2009

Detail is Everything!

Too often detail is compromised in packaging due to small budgets, time constraints or just plain lack of appreciation. Some people think of packaging as a safety cover for the real item inside while others look at packaging as an art-form in itself, something to be treasured; something that represents the item without even seeing it. This kind of thinking makes for good packaging! And in return, these beautiful packages are more than just boxes full of tea; I will keep these boxes until they are completely un- usable (and then I will probably still keep them in my desk drawer for inspiration)

Not only did their beautifully detailed packaging catch my eye, it will also escape my trash can and stick around as decoration for a while to come.

.. and of course the packaging represented the product perfectly. The tea is full of subtle bursts of flavor with a sweetness that can only be appreciated through its detail.


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