November 4, 2009

The Return of Character

As every art movement in history has displayed, whenever there is an action taken there is always en even stronger reaction. I see this happening right now with contemporary art and design. By simplifying itself to the extreme, the contemporary movement thought it was escaping the reaction phase. After all, if the design is minimized to it's purest form and structure, what is there to react against? The reaction is due to lack of character and charisma, in my opinion.

I think we, as humans, need the imperfections of real life to be visible in order for us to feel comfortable and ultimately be happy in our surrounding. I admit that I love gazing into the huge open windows of the stark and modern condos with their gigantic open spaces and views that reach the ocean but after that immediate jealousy asides, I always get a distant and detached feeling that I would never want to feel in my own home.

So as long as we are imperfect creatures, I think we will always need a bit of imperfection surrounding us as well. It almost reminds us that nothing in life can be perfect so just accept your flaws and even flaunt them if you can because that's what gives us our character.


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