December 2, 2009

Thonet Inspired Chairs

Recently my boyfriend told me I reminded him of Martha Stewart because of my facination with finding old things and fixing them up. But really, there's something so satisfying about taking something ready to be thrown away and turning it into a great new design piece (oh, and the money you save is great as well!) We found these old chairs at an old Hollywood prop warehouse that was going out of business. This place had everything you could imagine but unfortunately we only had enough room in the car for these great chairs. At the steep price of $5 each, we decided to take all 4.

As we were paying a lady came up to me and said, "great Thonet find!" Not knowing Thonet's work I decided to google him and sure enough, the chairs definitely do resemble the German furniture designer Thonet. With a little fixing up and a coat of black semi-gloss paint, these chairs are a perfect combination of modern vintage.


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