February 25, 2010

ibook - book

All I have to say is this is a genius idea! I think this tops my wish list for the moment

February 22, 2010


This weekend Chels introduced me to the amazing french blogger / artist Garance Doré. I don't know which I love more.. her fashion or her illustration; they are both inspirational! I would fill my entire house with these beautiful drawings if I could! The french truly have a unique style of their own. Enjoy!

Garance Doré Blog

February 19, 2010

Vintage Ads

I loved seeing these inspirational vintage advertisements. While hand drafted design is outdated, time consuming and costly, the results are unreproducible. The care and attention that went into every detail definitely pays off in the end!

via Vancouver Archives

February 17, 2010

evolution of type

A hilariously true Evolution of Type. Maybe this will help to get Curlz and papyrus outlawed on computers! (click on the image to zoom in and read the red type..best part!)

Via Donut Project

February 15, 2010

Ampersand Blog!

I'm so excited about finding this amazingly simple blog dedicated entirely to the ampersand. A new beautiful ampersand is displayed every day.. and it's really as simple as that!

via http://ampersandampersand.tumblr.com/

February 10, 2010

the Design behind W Magazine

W Magazines lead Graphic Designer, Edward Leida, gives a sneak peak inside the creative process behind W Magazine.. very inspirational!

via Donut Project

February 8, 2010

Back in Balance

This weekend for my birthday, I was finally able to relax and get back into my balanced state of mind (almost). I was thrilled to finally be able to test out my newest purchase, a vintage lomo camera from Russia. While really knowing hardly anything about the camera and even less about the settings, I thought I would just experiment and make it an enjoyable process instead of studying every aspect of the camera. I was so happy with the outcome! Using regular kodak film and absolutely zero photoshopping, these were some of my favorite results:

February 5, 2010

Art History Crash Course

Having hardly enough time to sleep lately, I thought this crash course poster in art history was a perfect solution in saving time on memorizing those lengthy descriptions when it can really be summed up in one line.. if only this could be transformed into a series of posters covering every topic of art and design!

via design-milk

February 2, 2010

Sagmeister's Typographic Chair

Sagmeister never ceases to surprise me and it's always intriguing to see whats he's up to next. While 'vacationing' in Bali (or what designers refer to as vacation) he designed and created this typographic chair with phrases from his personal diary. I have a feeling this might catch on...

via quipsologies

February 1, 2010

No. 7 Type

I love this new creative typefce, Adhesive Nr. Seven. I'm ussually not a huge enthusiast of display typefaces (especially more grunge ones) but for some reason this particular font caught my eye. While the idea of using masking tape as a design element is pretty overplayed (in my opinion) a whole typeface created out of it, in black letter none the less, is a cool twist. With practically another arts and crafts movement beginning, this font could be a fun typeface, if used correctly, to convey that layered, scrapbook feel that a lot of people are striving for on the web.